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Dennis is Organizing Because He’s Seen the Struggling Middle Class

Dennis H., Summer Organizer

Dennis is one of our summer organizers working in the St. Louis area. It’s a good fit for this St. Louis native, who currently resides in Pagedale; right on the border of University City; where the historic Delmar Loop is located.

“I live in a very diverse area and it is mostly Democratic. There are many young people in my area and we can encourage them to help in politics at a young age!”

When Dennis saw the opportunity to become a summer organizer, it wasn’t hard to know that was what he wanted to do.

“I am one of 10 siblings and my mother was a single parent for a large part of our lives! I’ve seen the struggle and know education is key. I want to work with President Obama to strengthen the middle class through improving employment and educational opportunities.”

Dennis is pumped about the 2011 Summer Organizer program, and so far he says it’s amazing.

“It is exciting to meet all the different people from diverse backgrounds and know we can come together for one cause! Also I enjoyed meeting the youngest summer organizer in our area; who is 16 years old!”

What’s Dennis doing when he’s not organizing?

“I love Tennis; I eat, sleep and dream about tennis! I have been playing for almost 10 years now, and I was lucky enough to work at the 2010 US Open! I have competed in a national tourney and I love to play all over St. Louis. Tennis is a healthy life long sport; where the whole family can play! The 1st lady says 'Let's Move'....”

Follow our Summer Organizer happenings on Twitter: #SumOrg11.

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