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Defining Hope in Utah County

Brad H. lives in Utah County and wrote about why he is “IN” for President Obama’s re-election.

Because my wife and I have a young family we spend a lot of time discussing our future together and how we can best keep our family on solid ground. Despite uncertain times, I look forward with hope. I have hope because I know I am not taking on the future alone. My wife and I take a common sense approach to everyday problems that we face. We live within our means; we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we set time aside every day to put family first. Every day is looking a little brighter than the day before.

Part of the reason I have hope for the future is because of the leadership we have in our President. I believe President Obama approaches serious problems the same way a family should. In a family, it doesn’t matter where the good idea comes from, it’s just important to recognize them and implement them so everyone can move in the right direction. President Obama does a great job of listening to different ideas and taking what is best from each of them and then utilizing them in a plan that works. I voted for Obama because I recognized a leader who would work hard on the important issues that will have a lasting impact on the American way of life.

He also recognizes the importance of providing economic opportunities to all Americans despite where they start in life.

I also admire that Obama is gutsy. He has shown that by taking on healthcare reform, drawing down our military commitments abroad, and authorizing a strike in the heart of Pakistan that took out Osama bin Laden. I want a president with courage. I will be voting for President Obama again in 2012 because we need someone with the courage to let unfunded tax cuts expire and cut spending to get the national debt under control. I want a President in 2012 who really believes that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. I am voting for Barack Obama because he really believes that we are one nation, under God. America means that everyone gets a fair shake. To me, it’s just common sense.

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