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Dedicated to Democratic Victories in 2012

Quin R, Summer Organizer - I'm In!

Meet Quin R, our youngest and possibly most enthusiastic 2011 summer organizer. Quin has always had a passion for politics, so this summer’s opportunity to work with Obama for America – Missouri was just the thing he was looking for. So far, it hasn’t been hard for Quin to keep up his excitement and enthusiasm.

“I have had the best time getting to meet fascinating new people, both in person and over the phone, who are all as dedicated as I am (if not more so!) to Democratic victories in 2012!”

Quin is a fitness nut, who enjoys hanging out with his friends. However, this summer he is spending quality time working to bring about change within his community, one conversation at a time.

Join Quin and our other summer organizers at an event near you. Volunteer today.

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