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Deborah Gaffaney: "Crafting for Obama"


Graphic designer Deborah Gaffaney, who goes by Debo, has supported the President since she first saw his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention. This year she is a volunteer on the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood team in Manhattan.

As a graphic designer Debo has an eye for design, so the idea of “Crafting for Obama,” as she calls it, came naturally to her. Today Debo’s made a name for herself within the OFA-NY community making homemade campaign gear – everything from door hangers to t-shirts to buttons. She’s also held a number of “Crafting for Obama” events in her apartment. The setup of these events attracts people who may not otherwise have gotten involved, turning them into great opportunities to talk to attendees and recruit more volunteers.

Debo sees President Obama as “definitely the best President for the situation we’re in. It’s a very terrifying time in terms of the alternative – I don’t think it’s a normal Republican party we’re dealing with right now. As Vice President Joe Biden says, this is the ‘last best chance for the middle class.’”

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