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DC Summer Organizers Are Hitting the Ground Running for 2012


"I want to learn to organize diverse communities.”

“I want to learn to use social media to organize and build movements.”

“I want to get people pumped up about getting involved.”

These are just a few of the goals our Summer Organizers laid out for themselves at this weekend’s training here in DC. Sixteen Summer Organizers spent their first couple of days with the program learning the basics of organizing and how they will apply them to their work this summer. From one-on-one meetings to digital strategy, they discovered what it takes to empower volunteer leaders and to build neighborhood teams throughout the District.

The SO’s are excited to get to work, making a difference in their community and to bring new people to the 2012 campaign. Angelica M. remarked, “I don’t just want to organize people who are already excited about organizing. I want to find those people who don’t know about organizing and make them leaders.”

These organizers are ready to hit the ground in the community to create the organization we need to win in 2012 from the ground up. As National Regional Director, Jenn Brown put it on Saturday, "They say change doesn't start in Washington but that's because they haven't met the DC grassroots"

Want to join our new generation of organizers this summer? Sign up to get involved in your Ward for the 2012 campaign. And be sure to check out #SumOrg11 on Twitter to see highlights from the Summer Organizer trainings that took place across the country.

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