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Day of Action Proves That KC Can – And Will – Get It Done!

Phil C at Phone Bank

“You have to ask permission to be here. And, we don’t give permission.”

That was the greeting we received from security in front of the location selected for our June 18th Day of Action voter registration canvass in Kansas City. Even the sidewalk and bus stop out in front proved to be off limits. There was no time to find another spot. I watched as my first Day of Action event fell to pieces.

Luckily for me, the volunteers of Kansas City weren’t ready to quit. We gathered together and I suggested we could fill up a phone bank that was in need of volunteers. Even though it was a bit of a drive away, these volunteer were fired up and ready to go! We drove over to the phone bank, added an extra hour to the event, and ended up with hundreds more calls completed than expected.

Even when things fell apart, the volunteers of Kansas City didn’t. They proved that, whatever the challenge this next seventeen months brings, KC Can – and will – get it done.

Keep up with Phil and other summer organizers on Twitter: hastag #SumOrg11

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