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How it’s done: Planning an OFA-Pittsburgh Day of Action

When OFA-Pittsburgh has a Day of Action, the thing I most look forward to is the excitement and creativity in planning with the group—and feeling the incredible energy in the room as we brainstorm ideas.

Dorcas Evans-Miller, Allegheny County chapter's gun violence prevention issue leader, and I recently brought together a handful of dedicated organizers and volunteers to work on planning an upcoming Day of Action about gun violence prevention. Our goal was to make plans regarding the location and structure of the event, including a respectful and appropriate way to honor victims of gun violence.

The meeting was informal and congenial, and we encouraged the sharing of ideas and experiences. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet new people and feeling the energy of our shared goals coming together in one room. It was powerful to see how much of an impact a small group of passionate people can have.

(My best practice tip for my fellow organizers: use Google Docs. It's great for coordinating tasks and sharing information and ideas easily and seamlessly.)

Our Day of Action is scheduled for December 14th, the one-year anniversary of the tragedy in Newtown. We'll be paying tribute to the those victims and to Pittsburgh's victims of gun violence with a memorial. Working with local organizers, coalition partners, elected officials, and other community members, we will bring together many different people who want to get involved, and encourage them to call on Congress to take action.

If you agree that it's time for Congress to act on gun violence prevention, become part of the OFA family of volunteers. There are OFA supporters all over the country. Find an event near you and get involved today.

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