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Day of Action in Glasgow

This summer's first Day of Action took place last Saturday, June 18, with great success in Delaware. We held large events in five locations throughout the state including the crown jewel of the New Castle County Park system, Glasgow Park.

Our Dedicated volunteers and community leaders like Delores M., Brenda D., and Robin W. headed out early Saturday morning to speak to our neighbors at Glasgow Park. We engaged park-goers, who pledged their support for the President, by signing "I'm IN" cards and made sure everyone we talked with was registered to vote.

Although the day at the park stared with a few hiccups (which we now call "learning experiences") we pulled through and had a successful Day of Action. There was great support for the President throughout the park. From frequent joggers to families picnicking, the excitement to help build the campaign for 2012 was thrilling. Clipboard and "I'm IN" cards in tow, we canvassed the area for new volunteers to join the grassroots movement.

My quiet dread bout being in the sun quickly vanished after speaking to a woman who came to the park to walk her dog. She stopped in her tracks to sincerely thank us for putting together such an event. The gratitude, exuberance and high-spirits of those who pledged their support for the President made me forget about the sun. Instead, I remembered what is at stake...2012!

All in all the Day of Action wouldn't have been possible or successful without our dedicated volunteers. We're excited to get back into the field and we're already planning our next Day of Action on July 4th!

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