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David Hatton, Neighborhood Team Leader

David from NevadaName: David Hatton
Campaign role: Neighborhood Team Leader, Anthem for Obama
Based in: Henderson, Nevada

“My focus every day is to build our neighborhood teams in Nevada, to train and send out other volunteers so we can be ready to get out the vote when early voting starts on October 20th. The good thing is, today more than ever people are coming out and volunteering. The energy level in our community is amazing. The people we were calling before and asking to join us—they’re calling us now.

“You know, I used to play golf. I’ve been retired for more than a decade and golf is one of my favorite pastimes; I played every day. But a few months ago, I found something I wanted to do even more: volunteer for President Obama’s re-election. Now, the four to six hours I’d spend on the green I spend pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, calling supporters, and registering voters. I’m proud to support the President in whichever way I can.

“I like that he has a long view—a very mature, intelligent, long-term plan for America. He’s not just looking for short-term gains; he wouldn’t have pursued tough battles like health care reform if that’s what he was after. He saw the reforms that were needed to make affordable health care accessible and recognized how necessary they were for our long-term prosperity.

“What drives me today is that I believe, as a former accountant, that consumer confidence is a major ingredient in the growth of our global economy. People have to feel confident in all branches of government, and right now, many people don’t. I understand their concerns. We are not where we need to be yet. Our work is not done. But we are headed in the right direction, with the right leader.

“So that’s my driving force in trying to get people to volunteer and get out the vote: I have absolute confidence in Barack Obama, and I want others to feel that way, too. President Obama started the work of rebuilding America, and now it’s our turn to support him by putting him back in office.”

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