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Council Bluffs, Iowa: “We’ve got his back 100%”

President Obama in Council Bluffs, Iowa

And that campaign back in 2007-2008, it had plenty of ups and downs, but no matter what, you, the people of Iowa, had my back … But our journey is not finished. Not yet. I’m going to spend the next three days driving all across this state just like I did in 2007—from Council Bluffs to the Quad Cities—because once more, you face a choice in November. And that choice could not be bigger.

Thousands of excited supporters from Council Bluffs (and nearby Omaha, Nebraska) packed Bayliss Park this morning to welcome President Obama back to Iowa.

Madison, Anne, and Theresa

Theresa, an X-ray tech at a local children's hospital, was there with her daughter Anna and granddaughter Madison to see the President—they just couldn't miss the opportunity, she says.

"We've been with him from the beginning. We saw him when he came in 2007, back when there were maybe 100 people there, so we've been rooting for him from Day One. When we caucused for him, there were four generations—my parents and the three of us. So we're behind him all the way, we've got his back 100%."

"It was really fun," adds Anna. "How often do you get the chance to see the President just a few blocks from where you live? Our neighbor even introduced him."

Theodore, a retired foundry worker, was also an early supporter. He says there's even more at stake today than there was in 2008:

"I first became a supporter four years ago, and I'm here to support him again. I do not care for Mitt Romney—from what I've seen so far, [he and Paul Ryan] are going to destroy the middle class. That's all there is to it. When they keep giving tax breaks to the wrong set of people, that's going to hurt us all."

Barbershop owner Dan and his wife, Andrea, agree.

"I'm 80 years old, so I've seen many presidents in my lifetime," says Dan, pausing every few seconds to greet a steady stream of friends on their way out of the park. "And this president here is truly the smartest president in my lifetime—and his speech was phenomenal. Here's a president who's trying to look out for the country. And people who can use the help, from the middle class on down to the poor, that's who he's trying to help. He will do anything he can for the working-class people of this country. He's on the money with small businesses, and I'm in total agreement with what his plans are."

"Romney is working for those who already have theirs," explains Andrea. “President Obama is trying to work with those who are still trying to get there."

"Forward" sign in hand, Eula Mae stops by to say hello and offer her thoughts:

"He's really what the country needs right now. The country is really hurting, and I feel like he's the only one who can get it back on track."

Read the President's full speech here, and stay tuned for more updates from his bus tour through Iowa.

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