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Core Team Member Making a Difference In Her Community

Cher Washington is a Core Team Member and enjoys her role as the team’s community outreach coordinator.

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"I believe in President Obama and it is going to take everyone in the community working together to give him and other Democrats a win in 2012"

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Cher was a very active volunteer in the 2008 Presidential Campaign for Change and re-connected to the 2012 campaign through volunteer recruitment. She is just as active now as she was then. However, she is now a volunteer leader.

Cher looks for every opportunity to ensure others have the opportunity to make “I’m In” commitments.


Cher is well known and well respected in her native 9th Ward community, in her church and in surrounding areas throughout the city of New Orleans. She often talks about how people are coming back to rebuild the community. She takes pride in how leaders are empowering people and the community, providing community services to meet the needs of youth and adults alike and investing in job creation through opening new businesses in the 9th Ward neighborhood.


Cher is one of many leaders coming together at events like the one held at the recently opened Grand Ball Room in the 9th Ward, creating jobs opportunity, bringing positive change in the community and keeping hope alive.

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