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Convention stories: Grace

Grace with President Obama

Grace tells the story of her last few days at the convention as a "Front Row with Barack and Michelle" winner:

"After everything else we had gotten to do, on Wednesday, they took us to meet President Obama and the First Lady. As soon as they came into the room, my guest, Karen, and I just started crying—it was so overwhelming. But when it was our turn to speak to them, somehow we just felt calm. We spoke to them about immigration reform and about health care, and I told them a little bit about my daughter. It was so amazing.

"Later that night we got to hear President Clinton—it was awesome just to hear him speak. And after that, we went to a party that he was hosting. So we didn't just hear him speak, we didn't just meet one president, we met two presidents that night! We still can't believe it's true.

"Everyone was so nice and friendly. At one point we even had the chance to meet the Vice President, and even after taking one photo with him, you could see why the President chose him. They're so alike—they want to talk with you, they want to get to know you. They're so down to earth, and they understand your life because they've lived it, too.

"It was so wonderful just to be in the same place as all those politicians and all those people making change in my community and across the country. We got to see so many people who also want President Obama to stay in office and continue his journey—it made me feel like so many people are on my side!

"When I got home, I hit the ground running. I went right on Dashboard and started making calls. I'm still watching some of those speeches on YouTube—like Eva Longoria and Julián Castro. It's incredible to know that I was actually there, and to think, 'One of those voices cheering is mine!' Now I'm just going to keep reaching into my community and making sure I can verbalize the impact President Obama and his policies have had on my life."

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