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Conor: "Ready to get into this"

“I’ve been ready to get into this—ready to reelect President Obama,” said Conor on becoming a summer organizing fellow.

A 21-year-old Virginia Tech student from Floyd County, Conor first became aware and interested in politics in 2008, at the age of 17, just shy of being eligible to vote. Regardless, he started Buffs (short for buffalos) for Obama at his high school. "I couldn't vote, so I felt that I had to do something to help elect Barack Obama."

Four years later, Conor's motivation still runs strong:

Now that I am old enough to vote, I decided that it it was also time to get fully engaged again, so I applied to be a fellow for this summer. This election is too important for me sit it out. President Obama has increased access to Pell Grants for those who want to go to school, and he’s greatly expanded healthcare access to young adults who otherwise may have gone with out it. My generation, more than ever, needs a leader who will stand for us, who will continue to work to make sure there is opportunity for every American who is willing to work hard.

Conor has been at his fellowship for a week now, and he’s loving the experience. “We’re opening up a new office here, so I’ve been helping set up the new space,” he said. “And tonight, we’re phone banking to get the word out about President Obama’s record of standing for the middle class.”

Over the years, Conor has been proud of President Obama’s accomplishments such as Wall Street Reform, the ending of the Iraq War, and health care reform, saying “We have so much at stake, and so much work to do to support our president.”

Live in the Blacksburg area? Join Conor this Saturday in celebrating the grand opening of the Blacksburg campaign office.

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