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No drama this time: Congress agreed to pay the bills

Last October, the nation watched as Congress allowed political gamesmanship to shut down the government, and put the full faith and credit of the United States at risk. It was a true low point for this Congress, but President Obama refused to back down to a handful of Tea Party Republicans who were demanding a ransom in exchange for not destroying our economy.

In the end, their ploy resulted in $24 billion in self-inflicted economic damage and unnecessary pain for millions of Americans, and the lawmakers responsible didn't get a single thing they had wanted. What they did get was an earful from the American people.

The story was different this time. Speaker Boehner heard the message loud and clear. When the debt ceiling approached this month, he said to the Tea Party the same thing that OFA volunteers said to him during the shutdown: “Enough already!

Congress voted on a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling, no strings attached. The bill passed through both the House and the Senate with bipartisan support. So now, our country is no longer in danger of defaulting on its debt, and Congress has the opportunity to spend its time on real work, fighting for the issues that Americans care about.
Right now, an overwhelming majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage, so that nobody who works full-time is forced to raise their children in poverty. Americans support renewing extended unemployment insurance to help job-seekers and their families keep food on the table and a roof over their heads as they search for
work. And they support comprehensive immigration reform, which would be a massive boon to the economy.

Raising the debt ceiling was a victory for responsible governing, but Congress can't stop there. Keep on fighting for the issues you care about—write a letter to your local newspaper to tell Congress to get to work expanding opportunity for all.

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