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Congratulations to a couple of happy organizers

Sometimes Organizing for Action brings people together in unexpected ways.

An OFA chapter lead and an OFA team leader who met through organizing tied the knot in Nevada last month.

The groom, David Hatton, is the volunteer state lead for Nevada, and the bride, Connie Mahida, manages team Anthem, a retirement community in Henderson, Nevada. Check out some of the photos.

In true organizer fashion, David alerted the wedding guests that the ceremony was about to start by shouting: "Clap once if you can hear me!"

David and Connie are both very passionate about a range of issues, involved in #OFAction all over Nevada—including a recent trip to Senator Joe Heck's office to ask the senator if he still wants to repeal Obamacare and take health care away from thousands of Nevadans.

The happy couple is looking forward to enjoying their retirement together and continuing to take action with OFA. As they are fond of saying, "Couples who volunteer together, stay together!"
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