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Confronting a climate denier in St. Louis

On Wednesday, May 29th, OFA St. Louis staged a climate change event outside the local office of Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner. Along with the local Sierra Club chapter, we had planned to call out Rep. Wagner for her opposition to meaningful action on this important issue—but shortly before the event, we learned that Rep. Wagner denies the very science behind climate change.

We tracked down a response letter Rep. Wagner had sent to a blogger that was a textbook example of climate denial misinformation. An article published the morning of the event publicized our action and presented the full text of Rep. Wagner’s climate denial letter. (Rep. Wagner's seat was previously held by Todd Akin—another Republican who memorably took issue with basic science.)

About two dozen people gathered outside Rep. Wagner’s office, and a Sierra Club organizer requested to meet with her staff. That request was initially declined, but we stood our ground and were eventually informed that someone from Rep. Wagner’s staff wished to speak with us. As our event wrapped up, Rep. Wagner’s staff agreed to schedule a future meeting with us.

We know climate change is real and is already affecting people in St. Louis. We look forward to meeting with Rep. Wagner to talk about the science of climate change, and why it's so important to address this issue and reduce dangerous carbon pollution now.

Want to take on the Congressional climate deniers where you live? Take the first step and join the fight against climate change today.

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Ken Denson, OFA Missouri