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The House finally held a vote on immigration... (It was pretty heartless)

Last week, before it adjourned for August recess, House leaders finally held a vote on immigration. Speaker Boehner and House leadership used the border crisis to pass legislation that threatens DREAMers with deportation—these are hundreds of thousands of young people who grew up as Americans after being brought here as kids through no fault of their own.

If that feels pretty heartless (and ineffective) to you, you're not alone.

We're asking anyone who's sick of House leadership's failure to address immigration in a comprehensive, constructive way to join the team that's fighting back—add your name right now.

Let's be clear about what this means—a majority of the House voted to re-open the door to deporting DREAMers which would limit our ability to focus on enforcement priorities like public safety.

Every day, we are reminded of how important it is to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Speaker Boehner has had more than a year to bring up the bipartisan Senate bill for a vote (which would pass)—and inaction from him and his allies is costing our country $37 million a day. OFA volunteers have been working hard on the ground alongside coalition partners to put pressure on the members of the House who have the power to get this done, and we're seeing real progress here.

When the House voted on Friday on the bill that puts DREAMers at a greater risk of deportation, several of the House members who we've been working on to convince them to support comprehensive immigration reform stood up to House leadership and voted against it.

That's why we organize. We're not done yet. It's on us to keep spreading the word about why we need comprehensive immigration reform—but we know what we're doing will pay off, if we stay at it.

Recommit to the team fighting to pass comprehensive immigration reform today.

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