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Community Organizers Getting Jazzy at JazzFest

Lynda, a veteran community organizer helps JazzFest goers sign up to say 'I'm In'

During the last weekend of Louisiana's Jazz and Heritage Festival, away from the sweet jazzy sounds of music legends such as Irma Thomas and John Boutte, Obama supporters braved the heat to welcome music lovers and to sign up local supporters as we prepare to build our neighborhood teams in support of President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

We know it might seem a bit early, but we also know that the earlier we get organized the better positioned we'll be when crunch time comes. For those of us who were involved in 2008, we all know that we need as many boots on the ground as we can possibly get.

Despite what was the probably an overwhelming desire to get into the festival grounds as soon as humanly possible -- it is JAZZFEST afterall -- folks were more than happy to take the time to say 'I'm In.'

"Having been involved since 2007, it's always really exciting to see people, especially people new to grassroots community organizing, saying 'I'm In' as a result of my own organizing," says Lynda veteran super supporter. "It shows that community organizing still sparks fires in people's hearts."

Organizers all over Louisiana are just beginning to ramp up their local efforts. Find an event near you using our event locator.

Written by Han, a community organizer based in New Orleans.

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