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Community Leaders Will Be a Lynchpin of the Obama 2012 Effort in Michigan

Engaging leaders with an important voice in their community is a main priority in building the Obama 2012 campaign. These community leaders have been important voices in support of the work done by President Obama in his first two years. From pushing for health care reform, to promoting the rebirth of the auto industry, or stressing the important in participation in the electoral process, they are lynchpins in our grassroots movement.

Sylvester D

We are excited to included leaders like Reverend Sylvester D. in our efforts to get people across Michigan to be IN for Obama 2012. Rev. Sylvester D. is IN because,

“President Obama is doing a lot to help strengthen communities and I am committed to making sure that people hear the good news and are able to understand why they have to vote for President Obama in 2012.”

The Reverend’s support underscored the need to be a part of a movement of neighbors engaging neighbors on a host of important issues. In the coming weeks we will be stressing the accomplishment of the Obama Administration and the importance of organizing at Grassroots Planning Sessions across the state. Through the “I’m IN” campaign and voter registration we will be working to bring new Michiganders into the process, while telling others they need to get re-engaged and join the effort.

“I’m in because we must win this election and help President Obama continue the good work that he has started.” Click here to find out many ways YOU can be in IN for Obama 2012 and start organizing now!

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