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Commit To Caucus

The 2012 Iowa caucuses will likely be on January 3rd -- just 75 days from now.

For the rest of the country, they’ll mark the first major electoral event of this race. But for us -- as Iowans and supporters of Barack Obama -- they’ll be an important opportunity to continue building our grassroots organization on the ground, and an important step we take to re-elect the President and Democrats up and down the ballot.

Be among the first to commit to caucus for President Obama today.

Between now and caucus day, we’ll keep you looped in on important dates and locations, and other ways you can help out in the coming months.

The President likes to say that this organization wasn't hatched in the halls of Washington, but in living rooms and backyards here in Iowa.

Four years ago, this state made history, proving that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

And in the weeks and months ahead, while the media circus plays out in our state and Republican candidates continue attacking one another, we’re staying focused on what we’ve been focused on from the very beginning: building this organization and helping fight for the President’s agenda.

A huge part of that is going to be each and every one of us making a commitment, right now, to stand with President Obama while he is standing up for us and working to restore economic security for middle-class Iowans.

Caucusing gives us a chance to have conversations and engage with our neighbors and fellow supporters in a dialogue about our country’s future. And it provides us all with an opportunity to hear strategy about moving the campaign forward, get training on the general election, and meet other volunteers in our neighborhoods.

Making sure as many people as possible participate in the political process has always been a central idea of building our 2012 effort to win Iowa and re-elect the President.

Right now, I’m making sure you’re going to be a part of that effort -- because whether you're a first-time supporter or a veteran volunteer, this campaign belongs to you.

Commit to caucus now: OFA.BO/caucus

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