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Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You

Last Friday, I spent 6 hours in a Middletown coffee shop having one-on-one conversations with supporters from all around the area. Connecticut’s one-on-one office hours had begun.

Each one-on-one happened because of a phone call to a supporter asking them if they’d like to meet. People were enthusiastic to attend and share their experiences and tell me why they’re “in” for 2012. It was amazing to meet so many enthusiastic volunteers. Some had been involved in 2008 and for some this was their first foray into campaign. But for all of them one thing was true, they see the importance of this campaign and they’re “in” for 2012.

After such a spectacular inaugural one-on-one office hours I’m excited to schedule more one-on-one conversations. It is inspiring for me to hear from fellow supporters why they’re in for 2012 and share how they can get involved again, or for the first time. Over the next few months I, along with fellow volunteers and summer organizers, will be speaking with hundreds of supporters, volunteers and donors from across the state.

One-on-one office hours will be happening around the state and throughout the summer. Drop me a line and before you know it, you can start building the 2012 campaign from a coffee shop in your town.

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