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Come to a convention watch party

Folks across the country are throwing parties on Thursday, September 6th—and you should come.

It's the night that President Obama will give his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. If you were thinking of tuning in, then head on over to the watch party—because the energy that night will be something else. No one should be at home alone for this one.

When the President accepts the nomination, thousands of people across the country will be watching and cheering, at volunteer-organized parties. You'll be in the perfect spot to catch every word the President says—and when you feel inspired to clap, you'll be surrounded by others who are clapping, too.

There's going to be a lot more to the party than just watching the big speech—including a livestream with special guests that will give you a look behind the scenes. There will be snacks and good conversations. You'll get to catch up with the people you already know who are a part of this organization, and you'll meet some new ones, too.

There's going to be lots of organizing to come in these last 66 days, but Thursday is going to be a chance to celebrate before we get much deeper into all of that. So I hope you can be there.

It should be a whole lot of fun.

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