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The work we do matters

For the past few months, Organizing for Action volunteers have joined forces with Get Covered America to spread the word about the new health insurance marketplace.

The average age of students at Columbus State Community College is over 26, so most students no longer qualify to stay on their parents’ insurance anymore. For part-time students, having a part-time job often means they aren't offered employee-based health care coverage. That's why we knew they could use more information on how to find their options.

In March, OFA central Ohio volunteers were striking up conversations with students who needed information on health insurance when the Get Covered Bus rolled into Columbus State Community College’s parking lot. Volunteers spoke to more than 100 students as they ate lunch, headed into the library, and chatted in the quad.

“Where can I go to sign up?” many of the students asked.

“Look for the building with the Get Covered Bus outside!”

Volunteers also talked with students about the high costs of some really common medical issues, like how much a hospital visit could cost if they didn't have health insurance. And they directed them to Get Covered volunteers, who helped them take the next step to find a health insurance plan.Later, cameras gathered around the bus as we started our press conference. OFA Columbus volunteer Bill Wood, who himself had just shopped for health insurance for the first time at the age of 55, spoke first. After being laid off from his job of 25 years, Bill started his own company, so he had to buy coverage on the individual market. He and his wife discovered they could save thousands of dollars by switching to a plan through the new marketplace.

President of Enroll America Anne Fillipic was on her fifth stop with the Get Covered bus tour. She said that at every stop, someone like Bill had a success story to share—and more people who are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act every day.

Senator Sherrod Brown also addressed the crowd, and he reminded everyone gathered there that the fights for Social Security and Medicaid had also been difficult, but now few can imagine a nation without them. Those of us on the forefront of this fight today will be able to look back and say we were a part of history.

The Affordable Care Act will make lives better and healthier, for generations to come, and OFA-Ohio volunteers were proud to be amongst those standing on the right side of history.

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