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Colorado Summer Organizers Already Tweeting to Organize

This weekend, our 2011 Summer Organizers came together in Denver for a two-day training that covered everything from telling your personal story to entering data.

There was one part of our training that definitely seems to have hit home: our Digital Strategies training. Lots of Summer Organizers started to see the value of social networks in a new light and started posting on Facebook and Twitter to tell the story of their experience and get their friends involved.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from Colorado's Summer Organizer Training and the SO's first day on the job.

@kao315 Loving the energy at the @OFA_CO Denver office! It's starting out to be a wonderful summer with #sumorg11

@Scandybam getting it started...I have two 1:1's for tomorrow... and more to come. #sumorg11 @OFA_CO

@MusicIsTheAll I've got coffee in the bloodstream and cereal in the belly - fired up and ready to go for the first day of organizing at @OFA_CO! #SumOrg11

@kao315 Great first day with @OFA_CO can't wait to get out there! #SumOrg11

@JulianneGreco Connecting digitally to sustain democracy and join the community. Fired up & ready to go! You in? #sumorg11 @OFA_CO

@MusicIsTheAll Excited to bring some east coast love to @OFA_CO! Follow along w/our adventure: #SumOrg11

@Scandybam So fired up to get this started. Barack the vote. #sumorg11 look I'm using twitter! @OFA_CO

@mlekat Wow, so inspired by @aekeegan07 who's telling her story and the story of @OFA_CO to explain why summer organizing matters. #SumOrg11

@OFA_CO We're honored to have @SenBennetCO share why it's so important to win Colorado for #Obama2012 #SumOrg11

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