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Climate deniers are at it again

Before President Obama even announced new carbon pollution standards—a big, big step forward in the fight against climate change—we knew that the opposition was going to put up a serious fight.

This week, we got an idea of what that looks like: House leadership unveiled a bill that would block the EPA's carbon pollution standards from taking effect, simply by cutting off funding.

That's right—Speaker Boehner is letting climate change deniers call the shots when it comes to funding the government. If that bothers you, here's what you can do: Add your name in public support of President Obama's carbon pollution standards.

If this all sounds familiar, it's the same kind of block-the-funding strategy that extreme voices in the House used to force a government shutdown over Obamacare last fall.

It shouldn't be a big surprise that John Boehner is letting climate change deniers run the show—he's one of them. And even though 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is a reality we're facing today, more than 130 members of Congress like Speaker Boehner still refuse to accept it.

What they're doing now is proof that they're willing to use their power to block progress on this issue. We need to stand up for the action President Obama is taking, and let climate change deniers know that this kind of obstruction won't stand.

Add your name now in support of the EPA carbon pollution standards.
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