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Representative Smith looks for science in interesting places

Texas Representative Lamar Smith is the Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. He's also a climate change denier, who refuses to accept the basic climate science that shows man-made climate change is real and dangerous.

Here's what Congressman Smith has been up to this week: On Wednesday he led a hearing on astrobiology, the science of life on other planets. During an era when our nation’s best scientists and engineers are finding new evidence of planets around neighboring stars, and sending missions to gather more data about the other bodies in our own solar system, this is a perfectly legitimate line of inquiry.

But Smith and the other climate change deniers in Congress can’t just cherry-pick the scientific facts that they like or want to pursue.

So here’s my question for Rep. Smith: Why do you keep disrespecting and ignoring the 97% of climate scientists, including NASA, that agree that man-made climate change is real and dangerous?

If Representative Smith was really interested in science, he wouldn't pretend that scientists don’t agree about climate change. He could have asked the NASA experts right under his nose. That's right—NASA officials testified at the astrobiology hearing. But while Smith is happy to hear testimony from NASA about life on other planets, he continues to dismiss what they have to say about what's going on with our very own climate here on Earth.

A quick reminder of what NASA scientists say about climate change:

In the meantime, Rep. Smith sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency insisting that efforts to limit carbon pollution and prevent climate change “must have a sound scientific and technical basis.” Most would consider a 97% consensus among climate scientists pretty sound.

We can't let this kind of selective embrace of science in Congress continue—say you'll call out climate change deniers.

Call out climate deniers
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