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OFA volunteers tell Congress it’s time to #ActOnClimate

There is scientific consensus. It’s not a debate. Climate change is real, it's caused largely by human activities, and it's a contributing factor in extreme weather that's threatening communities across the country. Ninety-seven percent of scientists say so.

But still Congress has yet to take meaningful steps toward curbing climate change, putting our stability and our future at risk. That's due, in part, to the fact that there are far too many climate change deniers that are hindering efforts to take this issue seriously—which is why OFA has made it its mission to call them out.

As record cold temperatures and record droughts continue, volunteers across the country made another visit to their representatives last week to let them know how climate change is already affecting their communities.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota—A group of volunteers met with Erik Paulsen's District Outreach Coordinator. The coordinator promised to take their concerns to the Congressman, and along with their request that he be a vocal leader on the issue for his Republican peers.

Tucson, Arizona—Volunteers made more than 1,200 calls into Congressmen Franks' and Gosar’s districts to talk to residents about the importance of acting on climate.

Staten Island, New York—Despite representing a district that felt the heavy impact of Superstorm Sandy, Rep. Michael Grimm still denies the science behind climate change. Senior Fellow Rose Uscianowski had a message for him: “I joined OFA this past fall to personally deliver to your office a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. You never responded. Is it because you still think the jury is out on climate change? If so, it's time to wake up.”

Knoxville, Tennessee—With a fossil fuel plant in the background, OFA volunteers in Knoxville voiced their concerns about climate change. They called on Representative Fleischmann to take a leadership role in recognizing the science of climate change and voting for policies that will reduce carbon pollution, encourage American innovation, and grow the job base with new jobs in the clean energy sector.

Glen Rock, New Jersey—Constituents visited Scott Garrett’s Glen Rock office to present him with his second Climate Change Denier award. The congressman's staff met with volunteers for more than 40 minutes, but the congressman still refused to accept that humans play a role in climate change.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire—OFA volunteers met with staffers at Senator Kelly Ayotte's office and delivered letters asking her to accept the science of climate change.

Until our representatives commit to taking meaningful steps to address the problem of climate change, they will continue to hear from OFA volunteers. Join us in calling out the deniers.

Call out climate change deniers
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