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Climate change is no joke

Yesterday, the world’s scientists released a new report summing up the latest science on the impacts of climate change. The report makes clear that people are feeling these impacts on every continent. Here in the U.S., they found snowpacks and western rivers shrinking, more heavy rains and storms contributing to flooding in the midwest and northeast, and more frequent wildfires that burn longer and over a larger area in the western U.S.

What’s more, the report projects serious global issues that will affect us all. Climate change will reduce crop yields, making food more scarce even as the world’s population grows. It will contribute to conflicts around the world driven by poverty, economic shocks, and resource competition. And as more and more of the world’s population moves to cities, these areas will become centers of climate impacts, including “heat stress, extreme precipitation, inland and coastal flooding, landslides, air pollution, drought, and water scarcity.”

Yet despite this clear picture of what waits in store if we ignore this problem, too many members of Congress—more than 130 lawmakers—still deny that climate change is real.

Outside of Congress, how tiny is this minority view? 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real. In fact, just last week, a researcher found that in 2013, 10,853 out of 10,855 scientific papers on climate change supported this consensus.

It’s only a coincidence that the world's scientists released this report the day before April Fool's Day—it's no joke. There are still way too many members of Congress getting played for fools when they should be standing up and protecting their constituents.

Don’t end up a #ClimateFool. The evidence is stronger than ever: Climate change is real, it’s happening now and we need to act now. Join us and take action on climate change.
Act on Climate
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