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Standing up for action on climate change

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. The best science out there is clear that it's already affecting us—but we have the power to fight it. President Obama's Clean Power Plan is an important step. The New York Times called it "the strongest action ever taken by an American president to tackle climate change."

Right now, the EPA is asking the public to weigh in on this plan, holding listening sessions across the country to hear what Americans have to say.

At each session, hundreds of people have been there to voice their opinions—and OFA supporters showed up in force to say it's time to act on climate. Hear some of the highlights:

Denver, Colorado—OFA supporters traveled from far and wide to testify about the impacts of climate change. One Coloradan described the experience of evacuating his town for both a forest fire and out-of-control flooding.

Later, supporters rallied, marched, and testified in support of strong action on climate. Chapter lead Cynthia described how uplifting it was to march alongside people from all over the region.

Washington, D.C.—A group of OFA supporters traveled to a listening session in the nation's capital where testimony was presented from a variety of people—including a mother from Virginia who described the way the rising sea level is affecting her coastal town, and the experience of having to explain climate change to her young son.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—A group of supporters traveled to the Moorhead Federal Building to advocate for the new EPA standards. After a rally at the August Wilson Center, hundreds marched back to the federal building to speak up for strong action on climate change.

Supporters weren't the only folks out in force at these events—groups like the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity funded rallies attacking the Clean Power Plan. And congressional climate change deniers also testified, doubling down on their denial about the overwhelming scientific consensus that 97% of climate scientists believe.

We're in for a fight, and the opposition is well organized and well funded. If we want strong action on climate, we've got to fight for it.

The Clean Power Plan is a vital step in the fight against climate change. Add your name today, and tell the EPA you support strong standards for carbon pollution.

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