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Turning worry into action

97% of scientists agree that the earth is warming and man is causing it. I've studied the scientific evidence presented by those that deny climate change and so far found none of their arguments reasonable.

I'm not easily frightened. I'm not afraid of heights or snakes. I've handled some of the most lethal chemicals in the world as part of my work in chemical plants and labs.

Along the way, I learned a lot that is pertinent to the science of climate change. That's why I joined the cause to curb climate change and catastrophic effects it will have on the livelihood of generations to come.

I've talked to people, written essays and letters to the editor. While I knew this battle would be a difficult challenge, I was frustrated at the slow progress. Then I was able to attend the Climate Reality Conference in Chicago through Organizing for Action. I felt I was finally with an organization that shared my passion. Moreover, they gave me tools to help fight climate deniers and do-nothing legislators.

We can solve the carbon dioxide pollution problem and, in the end, come out ahead economically. All we have to do is get our energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels. Switching to renewables would also decrease the world's power bill. These renewable sources do not carry the energy, economic, environmental, and safety burdens that the drilling, mining, transporting, and refining of fossil fuels do.

It's happening now. Casino, retail, and online industries in Nevada are installing solar panels because it saves them money. The Solar industry now employs more than 142,000 people in the U.S. In many areas, wind power is now cheaper than new coal, natural gas, or other fossil fuel sources, and nearly as cheap as existing coal power.

I've presented this message a half dozen times to about 125 people so far. With each presentation, I learn something, especially from those who doubt or deny climate change. I was elated to learn I got through to some of them. One wrote, "Keep up the good scientific work on global warming."

I'm still working on inspiring others to take action. The problem is so big that we must join forces across organizations with the common goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. I'm working with OFA, the Clean Energy Project, and the Sierra Club. I feel their efforts to convert to clean energy and improve efficiency are great first steps.

Disasters threatening to destroy the planet and the brave heroes who come to the rescue are fodder for so many science fiction stories. Climate change is science fiction come to life, and climate scientists and renewable energy engineers are the superheroes bent on saving our planet.

I'm thrilled to be one of those facing the reality of climate change. I'm in this battle for the long haul. Will you join me?
Act on climate
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