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Cleveland preps for the President

Volunteers in field offices throughout Cleveland have been putting in long hours and hard work to get their teams ready for President Obama. Just outside the city limits in Parma, team leads Marlon and Beverly chatted about how pumped up Ohio is for the President’s speech:

Marlon: Were you here when they started giving out tickets?

Beverly: It was Monday …

Marlon: We had people coming in all day!

Beverly: Right, and then at 5:00 p.m. the line was around the building.

Marlon: We had a phone bank yesterday, and we had 27 people show up, when normally we have 10. Thanks to all the new people who came out for tickets, we’ve got a bunch of new volunteers who are fired up for the President, and to participate in the GottaVote weekend of action.

The fact that he’s coming to Cuyahoga Community College to speak about the economy is really important—he’s all about getting people the specific training they need, because that’s what will push our economy forward. So I think it’s really great where he’s speaking, and who he’s speaking to.

Beverly: Here in Parma, we have the auto industry right down the street. Having people back to work here makes a huge difference. They’ve rehired people and hired new people, and putting those people back to work spills over into other areas—restaurants, small businesses.

It means so much to Cleveland for him to come and talk to us. The people here are really behind him, and want him to succeed. It means everything.

Marlon: All the enthusiasm has shown how much support the President really has in Cuyahoga County.

Join Marlon and Beverly for tomorrow’s speech—RSVP to watch the President live from Cleveland.


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