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Two more clean energy victories in California

First, the California Public Utilities Commission ruled in favor of protecting the investments that homeowners and businesses have made in switching to clean energy by going solar. OFA volunteers sent thousands of comments to the Commission in support of people across the state who have invested in solar energy, and worked with great local partners like the California Solar Energy Industry Association, Environment California, the Sierra Club, and Vote Solar who led this fight.

Going forward, the Commission, as directed by the State Assembly, will decide what credit should be given to homes and businesses for solar energy starting in 2017. You can bet that OFA will be a part of that effort as well. California is a national leader in solar energy, and we need to keep this revolution going.

This is what victory looks like:

  • Last year, California installed more solar than in the past 30 years combined
  • More than 47,000 people in California were employed in the solar industry in 2013
  • California has more than 5,000 megawatts of solar power installed, enough to power about a million homes

Second, we got an update on one of our most successful local campaigns to switch to clean energy. Last year, OFA volunteers worked with the Climate Protection Campaign to pass measures in Sonoma County and in the county’s cities to start a new local clean power provider, called Sonoma Clean Power. As they approach their launch date in May, their rates for new signups are much higher than expected. In fact, only 5% of residents are sticking with their old provider. This is a huge sign of just how hungry people are for more clean energy in California.

Climate change is a daunting problem, but by organizing and winning fights like this across the country, we can act on climate one community at a time. Join the fight.

Act on climate
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