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Cincinnati, Ohio: President Obama “took the time to support me”

President Obama was greeted by a full house at Music Hall in Cincinnati yesterday, where he held a town hall event with supporters. Here's a look at what audience members had to say about a few of the topics the President covered—and the work he's done over the last three and a half years.

The economy:

"He's helped with Ohio jobs by rescuing the auto industry—so that's very important for Ohioans."
—Rebecca, speech therapist

"He's been fighting really hard to protect the middle class. [If the middle class tax cuts were extended], I could pay down my student loans, I could fix up my car, I could pay for gas—there are a lot of things I could do."
—Jacob, student

"I'm here representing all the college students, and we're all going through difficult times right now with the economy—but a lot of the President's policies have helped people to stay in school. That's why I support President Obama. Being here in Ohio, we need jobs—that's a big thing. And I'm proud to say that the President has helped the economy with job rates in Ohio. I hope he can pick it up and keep going with it."
—Quentin, youth minister and student

"Obama to me clearly is for the middle class, and I am in the middle class, so I appreciate a lot of the things that he's saying and trying to do. And so far I think he's really done a good job. If he had a little more cooperation from the opposite party, I think he could've gotten a lot more done—not just for the middle class but for everyone in general."
—Edward, retired

Health care:

"I think the health care law is very important. Sometimes it's mislabeled and misrepresented, but if you look at people with pre-existing conditions, if you look at 26-year-olds being able to stay on their parents' policies, that's very significant. And if you look at people who are making lower than minimum wage and the help they can get for the first time, insuring millions of people who previously didn't have insurance … that's very important."
—Eric, management engineer

"I'm fortunate for the last couple years to have [had] health insurance, but the Affordable Care Act—I just thought that was remarkable. Because I know what it's like to be in that 30-plus-million who don't have health insurance but are still working hard, so that was one of the most impressive things—as well as how he's just working strategically to do so much for the middle class. I think it's been so great for Cincinnati."
—Helena, nonprofit worker

"I never had insurance but I've always been a hard worker and never had that opportunity. So I'm just glad he's working to give that opportunity to everyone now."
—Jana, teacher


"It's imperative that the President gets re-elected. I have two college-age kids who will be able to stay on our family's health insurance, and he's also done a lot to make student loans more affordable. This an opportunity for us to hear his voice directly and see his vision for the future, and I'll bring that back to my neighborhood team and share that vision with our team. This is one more step today towards his re-election—the fact that people are coming out in droves to see him despite the weather shows that he has widespread support in Hamilton County."
—Kathleen, neighborhood team leader


"Today is my 18th birthday. I came out Friday night at 6:00 and I waited 18 hours to get tickets to see the President. The reason I did that was the President came out in support of marriage equality. Marriage equality was something I've been fighting for, and I figured since he took the time to support me and support the people that I've met, I should at least be here supporting him."
—Adam, student

"It was very motivating, very empowering. I have a lot of friends who are gay, and just to know that there's someone there at least looking to make things right is meaningful. Just the fairness—I'm really impressed with that, and I'm looking forward to him doing another term. The whole experience was great and I hope to see him again."
—Cynthia, bank employee

“What has always appealed to me about Barack Obama is his spirit of community—bringing everyone in. There's so much one-upmanship going on all the time in the world, and I think he's trying to reclaim that community spirit, where the top helps the bottom and the bottom helps the top and we finally get somewhere. Just acknowledging different groups, helping the working folks and emphasizing what they need—he's pulling from the bottom up, which I really love.”
—Sally, mental health counselor

Making progress:

"Hearing what he had to say is inspiring, it's motivating, and I can't see how anybody in this room would not go out and vote for him and try to get other people to support him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see him here in Cincinnati."
—Dave, banker

"I thought it was a good speech—I saw him react to questions and answer questions unrehearsed. I don't think Mitt Romney could do that, honestly and with emotion and feeling for the people he's talking to. The President has done so much over the last three years. But the best thing he's done, what makes me proud of him, is that he's maintained his dignity and his focus with all the shots he's been given from Republicans. He's done a real good job, an excellent, admirable job, and set an example for us."
—Joseph, retired

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