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Chris W.'s Story of Why He Became a Summer Organizer

Chris W.

Four years of my life were taken. I was studying to become a history teacher when I became sick from an unknown, debilitating, painful illness. I lost over half my weight. The skin hung from my body. The circles beneath my eyes were black no matter how much I slept. When I looked in the mirror, I could see myself dying in fast forward. We know our nation has the best health care in the world, but I quickly discovered this was only true for the rich. If you have a serious health problem, physicians and free clinics will only refer you to a specialist. Those specialists refuse to see poor, uninsured patients, or will see you once and then refer you to another specialist. During moments of near death, I was forced into emergency rooms where I was denied diagnostic treatment. They would stabilize me enough to push me and my empty wallet right back out the door. I don't know how I survived. One thing that gave me hope was watching the 2008 Presidential elections. I knew when Sen. Obama won, help would be on the way—maybe not for me, but there would be other young, working-class people that might get sick, but they’d have the comfort of knowing that our new president would make health care for all Americans a priority. If America had the Affordable Care Act when I fell ill, my life would’ve been different. I would’ve been covered under my parent's health insurance. I would have been accepted to a hospital, or been seen by specialists. I might not have lost four years of my life to this illness, years I was unable to finish my education and contribute to society. Health care is not the only reason I support President Obama, but its the primary reason why I’m volunteering as a summer organizer. It pains me to think my children one day might face the same circumstances I faced —which will be the case if the Republicans take Congress and the White House. The President has recently announced his re-election campaign. I’m reaching out to volunteers, scheduling 1:1’s, creating opportunities for other folks to join our campaign! “I’m In” Are you?"
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