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Chris Christie could be Vice President

What would you say if I told you Mitt Romney is choosing our own Governor Chris Christie for the VP slot on his GOP ticket?

It's time to start thinking about it.

Gov. Christie is on Romney's VP short list and has been for some time. This week his name crept back into the news, and with Romney expected to announce any day now, New Jerseyans have a job to do.

Most Americans don't know much about our governor. If and when Romney selects him, those who know him best—looking at you, New Jersey—need to be able to share the truth about Chris Christie from the get-go.

Share what you think Americans need to know about Governor Christie, and why a Romney-Christie administration would be a giant step back for middle-class families.

Your feedback will help hold Christie accountable on the campaign trail, if it should come to that.

As you know, there's no lack of material to work with here. Right now, it's our responsibility to make sure others know what they'd be getting into, too.

Add your voice to the conversation today.

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