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Chicago stands with women

Chicago leaders and OFA Illinois supporters gathered at Federal Plaza in Chicago last week to raise awareness of the important issues affecting women across the country, including the victories of the Affordable Care Act.

The event was one of many local launches taking place across the nation to amplify women’s voices and drive the conversation about protecting women’s rights and access to affordable health care.

Representative Robin Kelly spoke on the continued need for women’s rights advocates to band together to improve the lives of women. “I’m a big believer in finding common ground for the common good,” she said.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly

Toni Johnson, a single mother currently benefiting from Obamacare, talked about how the law has helped her save money, take care of her children, and give her peace of mind. Illinois Deputy Governor Cristal Thomas echoed Toni’s sentiment. “Access to affordable care gives women and families a fair shot,” said Thomas.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Representative Jan Schakowsky ended the event by discussing the many ways the Affordable Care Act improves women's lives. “Women continue to play a predominant role in delivering health care—as direct care workers, nurses and physicians. That is why the passage of the Affordable Care Act is such a victory for women,” said Schakowsky.

Help keep the conversation on women's rights going. Join the fight in your community and stand with women.

Stand with Women
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