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Brainerd Team in Chattanooga

Eleven new faces showed up at our neighborhood meeting in Chattanooga last week. I could see the apprehension and curiosity in their faces. We gathered in a quiet area of a local bar, and I could tell they were wondering what they’d hear me say. As I introduced myself to each person, I noticed something else in their faces – hope and frustration. Instead of launching right into the mission and purpose of coming together to protect the progress we’ve made, re-elect the President and fight for our future, I started our neighborhood meeting by asking each person what they liked about the administration and in which areas they felt the administration could improve. We realized that the change we sought in 2008 certainly hadn’t come easy – and much was still left to do and improve on – but we also realized what bound us together was the common belief that we must, we have to, win in 2012.

Chattanooga Team Meeting 1

This was a diverse group – the youngest newcomer was in his mid-20’s, while the oldest participants were in their 60’s. They were male and female, of different ethnic groups, and of different backgrounds. Among our group sat a school counselor, a healthcare professional, a retired nonprofit director, an I.T. guy, and an Iraq War veteran struggling with PTSD. As we went around the table, they each expressed their satisfaction with the president on some issues, and their exasperation with him on others. But every one of them believed Barack Obama was a good and honest person. And every one of them felt he was the man to lead this country through 2016.

It quickly became apparent these folks were hungry for results and were willing to take responsibility and action. They wanted to get involved so much they came to our meeting one day after tornadoes savaged this area. Many of the people who came didn’t have electricity or working phones, but they had a hunger to fight for our president and our country. These folks wanted to make their voices heard in a conservative corner of Tennessee, and they wanted to take action.

Chattanooga Team Meeting 2

I realized there are lots of supporters like these across our nation looking for ways to get involved. Let’s get them off the bench and into the game so we can win this thing! Every one of us has an important role to play, and we will win 2012 if we all do our parts.

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