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The story of ice

When we started this project in 2007, we weren’t planning on making a film. Our goal was to document what was happening to glaciers around the world. In the process, our team discovered undeniable evidence of our changing planet, and the resulting imagery we documented in "Chasing Ice" has helped shift the debate around climate change.

Through the story of the ice, we can viscerally see how humans are affecting the planet.

Watch the trailer for "Chasing Ice."

The scientific reality of climate change will affect humanity for generations and generations to come. It doesn’t matter where you are on the political spectrum—the consequences will be real and significant. We are already seeing the tangible consequences of emitting and trapping energy in the planet’s atmosphere through increasing rates of extreme weather all around the world. This issue will affect the health of urban city dwellers and the cultural rituals of indigenous peoples. It will affect you and me, and especially our children.

Organizing for Action supporters held screenings of "Chasing Ice" during a nationwide Day of Action on December 4th.

Everyone on the "Chasing Ice" team used their own unique skills to capture this story and spread its message throughout the world. No matter what your skill sets are, there is something that each and every one of us can do to make a difference. Whether it’s developing new technologies, reducing one’s footprint, or simply spreading the message and sharing the story of the ice, we all can and need to make a difference.

We are in this together—as a human species—and we still have time to make a difference. That's why you should add your name to say it's time to act on climate.

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