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Changing the conversation on climate

You don’t have to be a decision maker to make a difference.

You don’t have to be a policy expert to take action.

On July 10-12, OFA hosted the 2015 Climate Leaders Summit, where experienced volunteers from around the country came together to learn how to make a meaningful impact on climate change in their own communities. They set out to build upon the tactics, strategies, and tools they already use in order to improve their organizing.
Special guests were invited to lead sessions on motivating decision makers (led by Chicago Alderman Joe Moore) and utilizing data for hyperlocal organizing (led by Communications Strategist Bessie Schwartz of Yale University Project on Climate Change Communication). With these new tools at their disposal, OFA Climate Leaders jumped into role-based activities in order to hone their new skills in advocacy and negotiation.

Throughout the summit, concept and skill building sessions were laced together by one key element: You don’t have to be a full-time climate change advocate to make a difference.

And that's true for any issue. You can start learning how to organize at any age and any skill level.

Start by connecting with other organizers and volunteers around the country—join Connect.

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