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Show Congress it's time to #EndThisNow

We're entering the third week of a government shutdown, and in two days we could be facing an economic shutdown if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling and refuses pay our bills.

This is serious, and a lot of Americans are outraged. If you're one of them, join OFA supporters who are showing Congress that this has gone on long enough. Use the image below to update your profile picture on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else that will be seen by your friends and your Congress members.

Then, use the hashtag #EndThisNow.

Speaker John Boehner is listening to the most extreme voices in his party, when he should be listening to the American people. Show him that you think the American economy isn't a bargaining chip.

Keep tweeting #EndThisNow until this Tea Party government shutdown stops.

Tweet #EndThisNow
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