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Change Takes Time

As a Spring Fellow in Scottsdale, I get to spend every day experiencing both the challenges and inspiration of organizing. Our section of the state is far from easy, but that uphill battle makes the success we attain even more exciting! It’s still early in 2012, yet the volunteers on the North and South Scottsdale Teams are already motivated, focused and precise in everything they do. It is inspiring to work alongside volunteers of diverse backgrounds who share the common goal of re-electing President Obama in November and winning Arizona in the process.

We all understand what’s at stake in this election. Many of the volunteers I’ve spoken with have experienced their share of hardship during the economic downturn. Many have lost jobs, had to change careers and adjust their lifestyle, or even take in a family member. I can relate because my husband and I have faced many of those same challenges.


We are still here though, because we believe in the President’s vision and are encouraged by the progress this country is making. Many are thankful for the resurgence of manufacturing jobs in sectors like the auto industry and we are already feeling the benefits of health care reform, which provides fair coverage for all Americans and lets Young Americans keep coverage.

Our military veteran volunteers often cite the end of the war in Iraq and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as major points of pride. They appreciate, as I do, President Obama’s smart and engaged approach to foreign policy as a strong Commander in Chief that still seems to bear in mind that there are real people with families fighting for us overseas.

Change takes time, but our patience and hard work is paying off.

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