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Change doesn't happen on accident...

Some people who watch politics just assume that inaction is business as usual, that the status quo is pretty much always going to be the status quo. OFA is the group of people proving them wrong.

Every time you pass along an awesome health care success story or set aside a few hours to volunteer, that's another strike against that brand of cynicism.

Change is possible, but it doesn't happen on accident. It takes each of us who believe in it doing our part to fight for it.

I'm blown away by the work OFA supporters have done over the past several months. On Obamacare alone, together we've pledged more than 500,000 hours to help Americans get covered.

We've got big plans for the rest of 2014. It starts with telling the story of how health care reform is working, fighting back against the anti-Obamacare crows pumping millions into smear campaigns.

It doesn't stop there. I believe we will win real victories on the issues we care about this year. Just look at immigration reform—that could happen tomorrow, if the House held a vote.

The minimum wage needs to be raised, and the American people are clear that it's the right thing to do. That's a winning issue. On marriage equality, it seems like every week the momentum becomes undeniable. We're not going back.

And sooner or later, the members of Congress who continue to deny the science behind climate change are going to have to come to grips with reality or face the embarrassment of being radically out of touch.

It's all a question of whether we do our jobs. We need OFA members who are willing to fight for change, and invest in the grassroots organizing that gets the job done.

Before our critical quarterly fundraising deadline on March 31st, chip in $5 or more today. It's a privilege to work with people like you. I'm grateful just to know you're out there.
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