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Chad Stokes plays shows for Barack Obama across the Granite State

Chad Stokes of Dispatch and State Radio spent yesterday touring New Hampshire, visiting campuses across the state. He spoke with students about what’s at stake for them this fall. Then, he got down to what he knows best, and played us all a couple of tunes.

Those who came out, weren't just there to hear the music that they know and love, they came out to hear from Chad about what's at stake in this election. Chad made sure everyone realised how important their vote is here in New Hampshire, that students have an important role to play, and that the President needs their support now more than ever.

Here's how Chad put it:

"It's important that you get to the polls on November 6th, that's the minimum you should do. If you have 30 minutes, make some calls, get talking to your friends. It's what I did today and I had some great conversations. People care about what is happening around them, we just need to make sure they find their voice on Election Day."

We got to speak to a couple of fans after each event too, to find out what's got them fired up.

This is what Olivia from UNH had to say:

"It was so great hearing him play, I've been a huge fan of not just him but the President for years. Everyone had so much fun and really enjoyed it. After last nights debate, I thought it was really important that mentioned the Lilly Ledbetter Bill. Because this is such an important issue for women of my age. It's not long before I start my career, and I certainly want to know that I'm getting equal pay for equal work."

Chandler from Dartmouth:

"I was really excited to hear that Chad was coming to campus, I'm a huge Dispatch fan. I think it's great that he is reaching out to college students, trying to get us involvd in this election. I'm definitely voting for Obama in November, but I know some of my friends with me tonight were undecided and I think tonight has really informed them of the stakes of this election."

Students here know how important it is to have a voice in this election. That’s why there were queues around the block at New Hampshire could literally be decided on their vote. So, make you vote count and commit to vote today!


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