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Celebrating the Affordable Care Act (and President Obama's birthday)

On Monday, August 4th, OFA volunteers across the country came together to celebrate the success of the Affordable Care Act—and President Obama’s 53rd birthday. There was cake, of course, but more importantly, folks shared health care stories and wrote letters to the editors to spread the word that Obamacare is working.

New York, New York—OFA-NY supporters gathered on the Upper East Side to celebrate and tell their personal reasons for fighting for health care reform. Thanks to Obamacare, OFA volunteer Sofia's mother finally has health insurance, at the age of 65, and recently had her first mammogram.

Inglewood, California—Chapter lead Jeanne Blaker hosted an Obamacare birthday party bash.

Dayton, Ohio—Volunteers collected health care success stories and wrote letters to the editor to submit to their local paper, highlightinghow the Affordable Care Act is working in Montgomery County.

Monroe, Louisiana—Supporters in Monroe committed to weekly educational meetings to ensure their community is armed with the facts and ready for the second enrollment period. One supporter, Teresa, shared her story of finally being able to get covered as a small business owner—she purchased health insurance on the marketplace.

See more photos and tweets in the slideshow below:

Before the next enrollment period begins, check out ways to get involved in your community, and keep spreading the word about how Obamacare is working for millions of Americans across the country.

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