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Cedar Rapids greets the President

Cedar Rapids, Iowa—Waiting in line to see President Obama speak today about his commitment to the middle class, excited supporters shared why they’ve got his back:

“This election is about the economy, and President Obama is going in the right direction. These other guys, they’re taking money away from where communities need it—from our teachers, from our firefighters. I see how that’s affecting our country. President Obama’s trying to get the economy back in balance.”
—Jeff, electrical engineer
“I’m excited to see him, but I’m also excited to hear what he has to say because I think he has a handle on what’s going on right now. I just think he’s very open-minded and thinking about the people. There’s a lot of things that are going on that need to be taken care of. We have to have a voice.”
—Catherine, second-grade teacher
“He has the core values I have. I’m a huge supporter of Obamacare. My wife had cancer, and because of Obamacare she can’t be refused by insurance companies. That was huge for us. And I have a lot of family that have a rough time making ends meet, and they just need a little help, and the President gets that.”
—Roger, retired
“He’s looking out for the middle class. I really love what he stands for with health care, education, and fair pay. We need somebody who’s looking out for the people, and that’s what he does every single day. That’s why we need to give him four more years.”
—Bertha, food industry worker
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