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Carroll County Independent: Waiting on Romney to say "anything different from George W. Bush"

For Granite Staters, Mitt Romney's reference to the recently-restored Sawyer Bridge as a "bridge to nowhere," was a bit jarring. The Sawyer Bridge is part of our state’s heritage, and Romney's dismissal of preserving a piece of New Hampshire’s past as wasteful underscores just how out of touch the governor is with the Granite State.

The Carroll County Independent had this to say about Hillsborough’s Sawyer Bridge Project:

Such projects did create jobs, just as Obama’s stimulus did, but the current Republican dogma says all federal spending is poison, no matter how many jobs are at stake and no matter how much your state’s infrastructure needs work.

That's not the end of the criticism, though. The piece goes on to voice concerns over what values, if any, underly Romney's (and the GOP's) obsession with cuts, regardless of their impact:

We think there is more to living and one’s sense of self worth than valuing personal wealth over a nation’s history and traditions. We are not an ad hoc collection of selfish individuals scrabbling to pile up as much wealth as possible by every means available, but a nation of individuals with a history, shared goals and a common destiny. Those are values we have not heard so far from the Romney campaign, and a major reason why so many people find it hard to relate to the man, let alone be willing to follow him as a leader.

It concludes:

We are still waiting for him to say or propose anything different from George W. Bush or to give a vision of something noble. Let’s hope he will stop pointing out how the government is unable to do anything, thanks to gridlock, and give us examples of things worth doing.
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