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Carina and Bekah volunteer to continue the progress we've made

Boston University students Carina and Bekah have been using their spare time to work to ensure that President Obama gets four more years to continue the progress our country has been making under his leadership. Here's why they volunteer:


"I'm volunteering for President Obama because he's making a positive impact in my life, and the lives of my friends and family—and I want him to have the opportunity to continue all the good work he's been doing. His support for our troops, for equal access to healthcare, and for college students like me are just a few of the reasons I feel it's so important to be involved in getting him another four years."


"I volunteer for the president because I care about the future of the country. I care about equal rights. I know that President Obama would never treat me as a second-class citizen for any reason and I'm going to wake up on November 7th knowing I played a part in his reelection."

Join Carina and Bekah in the final days of the campaign: volunteer to get out the vote in New Hampshire for President Obama.


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