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Can you host a watch party?

Watch party

The first debate—where Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will go head to head for the first time—is on Wednesday, October 3rd.

This is going to be great. It's an opportunity for all of us to get together, have some fun, and cheer our president on.

Obama supporters are stepping up to host parties to watch the debates with friends, family, fellow volunteers, and neighbors. Can you step up, too, and host a party on October 3rd?

Don't worry—we'll hook you up with all the resources you need to throw a great event, including a special training for hosts, and materials like flyers, a sample agenda, and sign-in sheets.

There's nothing to it. All you need is a comfy space and a TV—because Obama supporters know how to have a good time. And there's no better way to get fired up than hearing from the President himself.

With only weeks left in this election, throwing a watch party is one of the easiest ways to bring new supporters on board and to get people more engaged in the get-out-the-vote efforts to come.

Share this moment with Obama supporters near you—sign up to host a debate watch party.

Like I said—this is going to be great.

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