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Camp Obama is here:

Camp Obama in Meredith, NH

Want to get involved in the President’s re-election campaign but not sure how? Have you been involved in the past but are thinking about getting involved again? From now through the 19th all across the state, Organizing For America - New Hampshire is hosting “Camp Obama” but it’s not like any camp you’ve seen before.

Camp Obama is a way to meet up with your fellow local volunteers, talk about the campaign, and get involved. You will be: learning about best practices, hearing from local neighborhood team leaders, talking with Field Organizers, and learn what you can do to help re-elect President Obama.

Training Director Samantha Goldman shares more:

“Camp Obama gives us a chance to teach Barack Obama’s core organizing values of; common purpose, team building, individual empowerment, and community development through interactive training sessions with field organizers and team leaders.”

Field Organizer Alana Biden is so excited for Camp Obama:

"I’m excited to prepare folks – those involved in the Campaign, and those looking to get involved – for the Fall, and the election that is quickly approaching. With less than 90 days to the Election, it's critical to understand our strategy and learn how to be a part of what we're doing.”

So if you’re interested in getting involved, or if you want to get re-involved, sign up to come to a Camp Obama event, at your local office through the 19th.

sign up here

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