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Camp Obama in Louisiana

What comes to mind when you hear, "We're going to camp?" Fun activities, counselors, chores, crafts, training, classes, making new friends, etc. Well, that's almost exactly what took place at Camp Obama in Louisiana last weekend but with a little different twist. It was "Camp Obama" Grassroots style with a theme of "Boots on the Ground!"

Fun Activities:Team Building, Relationship Building, and Skills Building


Digital Organizing training and updates: Tweeting @OFA_LA and #lacampobama

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Meet our proud new tweeters who set up accounts and tweeted for the first time:


Elected Representatives: State Senator, State Party Chair, and DPEC Chair highlighted the President's accomplishments and the importance of winning at the national, state and local level:

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Chow Time!


Operation Vote constituency groups taking action: LGBT Americans, Barber Shops/Beauty Salons, Faith Outreach,Young Americans, and Women for Obama

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Movies: Marlon M. from Chicago on the big screen. Attendees were very excited and attentive. Hanging on to every word. "Fired Up and Ready to Go!"

big screen

Call Time!

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Making new Friends


Campaign Crafts to take home: It's amazing what you can make with a bag, tape, scissors, campaign posters and bumper stickers

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